Thursday, June 4, 2009

by candyrainbow

My name is Ania and I was born in Poland but when I was 9 I've moved to Italy...where I still live!!!
When I was 2 I've started to draw..and I never stop!!!
So now I study painting at the academy of fine arts in Florence...I am a painter!!!
Some years ago I've discovered a new world...polymer clay..and since then I create cute and kawaii things from my imagination and my sweet world ^-^
I an so happy whem somebody likes my creations..and the posibility of sharing its around the world is a dream become true!!!! :)

my online portfolio:


  1. Wow! How very talented, stunning paintings!!

  2. love her awesome work ^_^ the 1st pic is amazing.

  3. Oh so gorgeous.Especially the one on the right.I adore Pink and that photo is simply lovely!Best of luck to you!