Tuesday, June 2, 2009

by KaliOseano

KaliOseano began as the vision of two sisters that wanted a line that showcased fun, flirty and sophisticated clothing using the highest level of quality, workmanship and materials. 

All of our clothing is handcrafted with the assistance of our wonderful Mom, who has worked in the apparel industry for 25 years as a sample maker for many designers, so a few things have rubbed off on us! My name is Lilie and I am from the LA area and studied at the Arts Institute in Hollywood and earned a BFA in Fashion Design. Along with my business partner and sister, Vanessa, we feel that our vision has come to life. 


  1. what fabulous shots! I especially like the left one!

  2. I love your blog!
    i'm constantly trawling Etsy for beautiful things but now I can just turn to your blog.

  3. wow~!! That's too much praise to handle *blushes*