Wednesday, July 1, 2009

by artandghosts

Otherwise known as Louise, Art&Ghosts currently shares a small yet adequate fortress with her handsomest black kitty, Master Mirlo, a plethora of old ghosts and countless imaginary friends.

Collectively, we are most likely to be found hosting our infamous Twilight Tea Parties, dancing with spectres at elegant masked balls or else hanging out with our curious kindred at the ever evolving Art&Ghosts Circus. 
Tour dates and circus vacancies will be sure to appear from time to time, posted via my website, so if you ever feel the urge to up sticks, abandoning your day-to-day for the weird allure of shadows and whimsy, please feel free to bookmark us, we will be more than happy to review your application, especially if you have previous experience of singing mice and intolerably sneaky rabbits.

Louise, my good self, likes to make pictures. 
Lots of them. 
Here at Art&Ghosts you are most likely to find digital paintings/illustration, digital collage, occasional drawings and paper collage, photography, postcards and books!
The majority of my influences are drawn from fairytales, mythology, dolls, spectres, dreams and nature.

About my work: My images are most usually digitally illustrated collages. I use the term 'collage' rather loosely, for although the collaging technique is integral to my process, I do actually create each separate part by hand or else via digital graphics tools. Hence, the parts that go to make up my work are not derived from outside sources. 
In recent months I have moved away from the old technique of creating photomontage with dolls. I prefer to create/illustrate my own characters nowadays, as opposed to photographing them first. 

Where are Art&Ghosts located?

I am currently based in the United Kingdom, although the majority of my orders appear to enjoy travelling to the US and beyond.