Friday, July 13, 2012

hi, everyone!
The one stop shop for Geometric lovers, quirky Nesting Dolls, unusual Dioramas and a host of goodies born from my Sketchbook. Enjoy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

by dadaya

hi, everyone!
my name is shan shan, dadaya is my nickname in the internet!

I accept custom orders, please convo me if you have any questions!


by pixxxiepieemporium

What The Pixxxie Pie Emporium is All About: The Pixxxie Pie Emporium specializes in tailor made couture for Asian ball jointed dolls & offers a wide range of exotic multi-piece ensembles bursting with lavish touches. A love of sumptuous fabrics & a relentless eye for detail, means that every ensemble is sewn with love and care & all jewelry is hand crafted.

by slinkymalinkicat

My name is Kim. I am a friendly soul. I love all things old. I love the history of things. I share my home with three cats, my two young children and last (but by no means least!) my husband. Spiders fascinate me. The love I feel for my children delights and scares me.

I am English. I have lived in Latvia since 1998. Living in a very remote area of Latvia I often find myself missing friends and family back in England. Etsy keeps me occupied and helps me feel less isolated. I consider myeslf extremely fortunate to have made some wonderful friends on Etsy..... you know who you are!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

by modestambition

I love making things with my hands and exploring new textures and colors. I always have more ideas for new projects than I have time. I love the challenge of figuring out a new idea.

I started modestambition in 2007 as a creative outlet for my busy mind and idle hands. Let's see what we can do with it.

by KatalinaJewelry

I began designing jewelry a couple of years ago. Since then my work has been featured in several issues of Stringing Magazine, (under the name Kathy Thompson). I love working with wire; bending, shaping, and hammering it to form a unique pendant, link, or clasp. I combine the copper, sterling silver and steel wire with natural stones creating pieces inspired by the colors and textures found in nature.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

by BullandBearWear

Bull and Bear Wear is brought to you by Chuck Treece and Susan Morris.
We are combining Chuck’s love of music, art and skateboarding with Susan's love of sewing, art, and absolute quackery. What we have come up with is fun stuff for big kids (and little ones, too!)

by pulpmicelliana

Welcome to PULPmiscellania.
My philosophy for this shop is decidedly yard sale-esque.
I offer a variety of goods, including: handmade recycled paper items, commercial jewelry supplies, art supplies and found items.

by poutfits

My name is Alanna and I have been pouting forever.

I design and make it all myself.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

by doubleparlour

doubleparlour, born in 2007, is a creative collaboration between Ernesto and Cassandra Velasco. Both are artists who like to explore a variety of subject matters with different mediums. Some works are done as a joint effort and others are solo works. We like to mix it up in a variety of mediums to create sculptures, paintings, drawings and prints.

by twoknit

I am a high school student who learned to knit at the Waldorf School I have been attending since I was three years old. My grandmother and I have opened this shop together, which is why we call it TWO KNIT. I knit hats, scarves and gloves.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

by meluseena

♥Hey there! I'm Lisa Falzon, artist and illustrator, my online moniker is Meluseena :) And this is my self-run, official store :)

♥ All my prints are made using archival ink, on archival paper. You'll be purchasing a precious, high quality art reproduction that looks brilliant and will stand the test of time. They come signed, in protective cello sleeves and make very presentable gifts.

♥For updates, art and curious things follow my blog! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

by nosideup

How very nice of you to come by... Be very welcome to my Art store. Happy browsing (and maybe shopping?). Do not hesitate convo-ing me!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

by subrosa123

In my whole life I never wore anything that was produced in hundreds of copies, even from the well known brands. I always got unique things that no one else had. Many a time I saw celebrities on photos that were in the same outfits. This is silly as they could have anything money can buy, but obviously not a personality.

I'm certain that everyone on this planet is unique in their mindset, their ways of experiencing life, emotions... At least we all look different :-).

I'm passionate about designing and producing one-of-a-kind clothing and jewelry. They're not a matter of fashion itself, but an extension of personality, mine and of course of my customers'. They're mainly very creative individuals and love to express themselves through my specific design.

Therefore I don't only create clothing designs; I design fabric as well by weaving, knitting, and crocheting garments.

by teostudio

There are two things I always loved about books - the smell of the new books and the appearance of the old ones.

I create these one of a kind journals trying to preserve as much as possible from the reality.
I try to bring to light the beauty of objects and materials in their actual conservation state, and their inevitable passage through time. You can entrust these journals with your thoughts, knowing that they will last forever.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you will enjoy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

by englishdept

My designs are made by hand in my studio in Portland, Oregon. I also have a brick and mortar shop called The English Dept., where I sell handmade and independently designed wedding and party dresses.

by davidpauldowns

I'm an artist living in Chicago who works in many mediums from oils and acrylics, to pen and ink. I am also an avid photographer. While my larger works are usually seen in galleries, Etsy is the best place to find my smaller projects.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

by hierapparel

My designs are inspired by my imagination and experiences, as well as the past and the past's perception of the future. I draw inspiration from exoskeletons, cloud formations, urban infrastructure, plant life, tribal cultures circuitry and the many intricate, often asymmetrical patterns and shapes found everywhere and in everything.

Friday, September 25, 2009

by PhilliphilliHandmade

I'm Belgian, but I moved to the northern Italian hillside about a year ago. Everything to do with love, of course, but it's the best move I made in my life, since it opened the road to my parttime craft-career.

I chose 'Pilli Pilli' (after the bright red, really spicy African chillipeppers) as my brandname because I like life colourfull and full of flavour!

If you wnat to know more about me or my creations, you can find me at:

by candycaneoutfit

Female, Born on February 24